• TV Interview on NBC 10

    NBC 10 InterviewI had the opportunity to sit down with NBC 10’s Vai Sikahema to talk about A Philadelphia Story! I was a bit terrified, but after the first few seconds, I think I got over my jitters.

    Vai was super nice and helped relieve some of my anxiety.
    I’m grateful to my friend, producer Tina Stoklosa Tomaszewski, for inviting me onto her show. Click on the photo to check it out!



  • First Review!

    I got my first book review. It’s a small blurb, but it made my day! The Philadelphia Sunday Sun included it in their “Reading on the Go” section. Here’s the link to the original and text below.

    “If you are traveling closer to home this book is a perfect companion. It concentrates on the renowned men and women who established the city and created the Philadelphia that exists today. Ms. Litchman has taken great care to emphasize the city’s diversity and tell stories that are both historically interesting and compel-ling. It is available on Amazon.”